Mr. Goot

Dave. Just another guy with a variety of interests and quirks. Who happens to have 'just another' personal web site. Welcome.

Born and raised in north central Ohio, semi-retired and now living along the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range. Married, dog owner, avid bicycle rider, homebrewer plus beer and bourbon drinker, voracious reader, volunteer web master for a few non-profits, amateur photographer (although, I suppose, technically a "professional" having sold a few pix at juried exhibitions), amateur information technology buff: that would about sum things up in a nutshell.

So, what's with this 'Big Goot' stuff? A corruption of the phrase "big goof" that occured when, being a good 'future husband', I wired some flowers to my sweetheart from Vandenburg AFB while on my first USAF Space Command IG inspection in 1998. The accompanying card should have read "blah, blah, blah…'I love you, your Big Goof'". The card arrived and was signed with "I love you, your Big Goot". Thus the 'inside' joke was born and has lived on ever since. And so it goes…

Well, there is not much else to add, so, for whatever reason that brings you here, enjoy.

— The Big Goot (May 08, 2010)

I'm working on updating the look (i.e, flyout sub-menus using CSS), layout (splitting up some page content into smaller pages), and content and organization of information (especially photographs) of some of the pages, so if some things look or act weird, so it goes. I'll be working to fix these things as time permits. Happy holidays ('tis the season, you know).

— Holiday Goot (December 16, 2010)